VanMoof app release notes (iOS)

This page lists current and historical updates to the VanMoof app for iOS.

Latest release

24.1 - 4 April 2024

  • For increased safety, you soon need to enable ‘Repair Mode’ on your bike when you’re dropping off your bike at a partner shop.
  • Fixed some bugs; links to help articles are updated, and the app now shows a 12-hour clock if you want to.

Previous releases

24.0 - 12 February 2024

In this update we’re adding some new features and revamping others:

  • New ‘Battery’ section where you can find more details about the state of the battery or Powerbank. Tap on the battery widget or find it via the settings page.
  • Introducing battery notifications. The app can now notify you when your battery is running low, when the bike is fully charged or when the battery hits your pre-defined level. Making it easier for you to be fully charged!
  • Setting your unlock code just got easier, with a step-wise approach and better instructions.
  • If you force close the app, we’ll notify you touch unlock is not available anymore.
  • We’re building up a new help center, until that’s ready we’ve disabled the current help page.

23.9 - 27 November 2023

We're happy to continue riding with you, let's go! In this release we're putting some things in order.

  • We removed features that can't be used anymore, like the support chat.
  • We heard you like the ‘ping’ bell sound, so now you can also select this bell on the S3 & X3. Happy pinging!
  • If you have multiple bikes and want to transfer ownership, the selected bike will now be transferred (instead of the one currently active).
  • Support for iOS 17.
  • For good measure we added some more fun bits. Let's see whether you can find them.

23.6 - 27 July 2023

For all of the S5 & A5 riders we have some great updates:

- If your e-shifter is acting up, you can now calibrate your e-shifter with the app. This will solve most issues with the e-shifter, so no need to bring your bike in for repair. Find it in the gear info screen.

- New settings were added for the latest firmware update, 1.4. You can now toggle the deceleration lights, turning indicators and select the speed halo animation.

For everyone else we’ve added some nice iOS features:

- Homescreen widgets. View the battery status or your last rides on your homescreen.

- Shortcuts support. This is a cool one; you can now automate almost all of your bike’s settings using the ‘Shortcuts’ app. This opens up a lot new possibilities to unlock and use your bike! This also means bike settings can be changed using Siri. We’re curious to see what you build!

- Updated WatchOS design.


Thanks for the ride so far! It’s been an honor and pleasure to make an app for such a great community. Let’s see what the future brings. Love from the app team.

23.5 - 21 June 2023

We frequently have updates for your S5 & A5, so that’s why we wanted to make updating the bike easier for you. Starting with this release the app will automatically transfer the update to your bike whenever you’re nearby, and we’ll notify you when the update is ready to be installed. This means you can focus on other stuff while we’re doing updates in the background. 

If you’re looking to spice up your homescreen you can now choose one of our colorful app icons!

23.4.2 - 8 May 2023

- We’ve added a new connection troubleshooting screen to help you connect to your bike when the connection is unstable or not working correctly.

Happy riding!

23.3 - 30 March 2023

We’re introducing Lock Screen widgets. You can see your bike’s battery level and unlock your bike directly from your Lock Screen on iOS 16. Furthermore we’ve made some fixes for the S5 & A5 firmware update process, and we sprinkled a couple of new illustrations throughout the app.

23.2- 28 February 2023

- Are you always looking for the latest and greatest? Want to get ahead of the crowd? We’ve got good news for you, as you can now sign up to be a beta tester in the app. Find the sign up link in the profile page.
- With more firmware updates coming in for the S5 & A5, we’ve smoothed out a couple of bugs in the update process.

23.1 - 6 February 2023

In this release the following improvements were made:
- Get easier access to help articles in the help section
- Chat with our support team via the help section
- Some other small bug fixes & improvements

23.0 - 16 January 2023

In this release we:
- Improved the low battery indication for the S5 & A5
- Allow S5 & A5 owners to share their bike or pass on the ownership
- Improved the firmware update flow for S5 & A5

Happy riding!


(earlier release notes have been left out for brevity)

1.1 - 8 July 2016




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