Error Codes

How to troubleshoot error codes on the VanMoof S3 & X3? 

Step 1: Make sure you have the latest firmware installed.

Step 2: Reset your bike. 

Step 3: Perform a system restart. 


Overview Error Codes

Error 16 

Error 16 indicates a defect or connection problem with your battery.

Error 17

Error 17 indicates a battery connection issue or situation where the battery isn't delivering power.

Error 18

Error 18 means that the battery wasn’t able to turn on.

Error 19

Error 19 indicates an internal communication issue with the battery.

Error 20

Error 20 indicates a sudden battery shutdown. Sometimes, this error can briefly appear immediately after a reset. This is common behaviour and the error should swiftly disappear again.

Error 21 

Error 21 occurs when the bike doesn't recognize the charger cable. When this happens, you can try to unplug and reinsert the charger cable.

Error 40

Error 40 may occur when you press and hold the bell button for a long time, or when you press it too many times in a row.

Error 41

Error 41 may occur when you press and hold the turbo boost button for a long time, or when you press it too many times in a row. 

Error 44

Error 44 may occur when your bike cannot communicate properly with the E-shifter, or when the E-shifter cable is not properly connected.

Error 45

Error 45 indicates that there's an issue with the communication with the motor.

Error 54 

Error 54 indicates that your bike is having trouble detecting the internal SIM card.

Error 57

Error 57 indicates that your bike detects the internal SIM card but has trouble communicating with it.



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