My bike is not turning on or not waking up

There are a few reasons as to why your bike may not be waking up. Check out the possible issues below, and follow the corresponding steps below to solve the problem:


Your bike is in shipping mode

To protect the battery from fully draining, your bike will go into shipping mode if unused for a while. This means your bike might not (auto) wake-up like normal.

Step 1: Plug your charger into the bike and let it charge for about two hours.

Step 2: Wake up your bike with a quick reset by pressing the power button for 2 seconds.

Step 3: Turn your bike on by a short press on either handlebar or the power button.


Your bike is not connected to your phone

If your bike isn’t connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, it won’t automatically wake up or react to (touch) unlock.

Step 1: Check your Bluetooth settings and make sure your phone is connected to your bike.

Step 2: Restart your app and unlock your bike with the horn button or via the app.


Your bike battery is empty

Your bike contains two batteries: the main battery that you use while riding your bike, and a smaller cartridge battery that powers the electronics of the bike. If your bike is not responding, either one of these (or both) might be empty. This can happen if you just received your bike or if you haven’t used your bike for over four weeks. Here is what you can try to do to wake up your bike:

Step 1: Plug in the charger for at least two hours to charge your bike’s battery.

Step 2: While charging, the status indicator on your charger should turn red, indicating that the battery is charging. If the status indicator turns green, your bike is fully charged.

Step 3: When sufficiently charged, turn your bike on. If your bike is still not responding, unplug the charger cable, and do a quick press on the power button. This will send a pulse from the main battery to the smaller cartridge battery so it starts charging.

Step 4: Plug the charger back in for at least 15 minutes to charge your cartridge battery.

Step 5: Press the horn button or power button to turn your bike on.

Step 6: Follow instructions in the app to set up your bike.


Is the bike still not waking up or turning on after these steps? Then it's best if your bike gets checked out by a VanMoof Partner. Please book a repair appointment.


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