My bike isn’t charging, or the charger isn’t working

The charger light should turn green when it’s plugged into the mains and when the bike is fully charged. This indicates that the charger detects a current, but is not charging a bike. The charger light turns red when plugged into a bike that needs charging, to indicate that the bike is charging. This light will turn green again, once your bike is fully charged.


My charger isn't working:

Step 1: If you don’t see any light, please try a different power outlet first. 

Step 2: Make sure the charger cable is fully intact (especially the connector that you plug into the bike).

If the charger still doesn’t show any light and the charger is fully intact, your charger is in need of replacement. 


The charger is fully intact but my bike still is not charging:

Step 1: Update your bike to the latest firmware.

Step 2: Reset your bike. 

Step 3: Perform a system restart.


Does the issue still persist after these steps? Then it's best if your bike gets checked out by a VanMoof Partner. Please book a repair appointment.


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