Bike Sharing

How do I share my bike?

Please note that bike sharing feature is only available for the VanMoof S3 & X3 and VanMoof S5 & A5.

As a bike owner, you can share your bike with anyone who has a VanMoof account. Your guest can easily create a free account here. To use the bike, your guest will also need to download the VanMoof app.

Ready to share? Simply go to the ‘Garage’ section in your VanMoof app, tap on the bike you like to share and follow the steps. You can set a duration or share your bike indefinitely – but don’t worry, whatever you select can be edited at a later time. The guest rider will receive an invite via email and will be able to use your bike instantly. 

Good to remember: Share your three-digit unlock code with your guest.


What can guest riders do on my bike?

The guest rider has access to the motor assist, gears, lights, and sound settings. They can't change the unlock code.

If you have Apple Find My enabled, your guest rider can temporarily disable it in order to protect their privacy. When you have your bike back, you can easily enable it again by quickly double-pressing the power button on your bike.


How can I remove shared riders?

To remove a shared rider, go to the ‘Garage’ section in your VanMoof app, tap on the bike you like to remove the rider from. Go to ‘Riders’, click the rider you like to remove and click on ‘delete rider’.


How can I remove myself as a guest rider?

If you’re riding a VanMoof as a guest rider and want to stop, you can go to the ‘Garage’ section in the VanMoof app and click on remove bike. After you’ve completed this action you can’t access the bike anymore, but you can request access for a new invite at a later date.


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