The VanMoof Archives

The VanMoof Archives: Publicly available repair manuals and technical drawings for legacy models

We have created the VanMoof Archives, a space to publish step-by-step guides, technical drawings and repair manuals for its legacy bikes. We will offer riders the opportunity to uncover the workings of their bikes, aid troubleshooting and provide solutions. The VanMoof Archives currently features materials for the Electrified VanMoof S2 & X2 models, which originally went on sale in 2018, and older bikes. Additional materials from other series will follow in time.

Find the archives here.

“When we acquired VanMoof, we promised that we would do everything we can to keep riders on the road. At the same time we made a commitment to greater transparency. The VanMoof Archives project is another step in a larger effort to honour these promises”, says Eliott Wertheimer, co-CEO of VanMoof.

Wertheimer continues: ‘‘The majority of bikes on the road are VanMoof S3 & X3s. That’s why we focussed our efforts on restarting the production of spare parts for those models and distributing them at operating cost to our new partners. But we also thought long and hard about how to help owners of other models. We hope that by openly publishing these materials, we’ll help them enjoy their VanMoof for longer.”

Such materials for VanMoof bikes were traditionally a closely-guarded secret, only accessible to certified workshops and trained Bike Doctors. Some of the documents were only available in Mandarin and had to be translated. The entire VanMoof Archives, a living database that will continuously be expanded, is publicly available here.

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