How will I be able to get my bike fixed?

Rather than booking a bike repair directly with VanMoof, we’re now outsourcing bike maintenance and servicing to specialised shops and repair centres. We’re building a continuously expanding partner network across cities worldwide so you can get help quickly and easily. All repairs and servicing should now be booked directly with a VanMoof partner.

We’ll deliver a constant supply of spare parts to our partner network, charging cost price plus an operating fee in an effort to keep all legacy parts as affordable as possible. Our partners will use the parts to carry out servicing and repairs on VanMoof bikes.

As part of the restart, we’re dedicating significant resources to enhancing parts for the VanMoof S3 & X3, making them more robust and easier to fix. We’re also creating the tech infrastructure (apps, knowledge base, and a dedicated Support team for example) to allow our partners to help you in the smoothest and most efficient way possible.

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