Halo Rings and buttons on your S5 & A5

The most important things you need to know about your bike are integrated into your handlebar. The bike buttons help your ride, while the Halo Ring interface gives you quick bits of information that won't distract you.


Halo Rings

Left Halo Ring 

This LED ring indicates your bike battery level.

If it shows a red light , it’s time to charge your bike, the battery level is at 5% or lower. 

If the red light is flashing, your motor support will stop, the battery level is at 2% or lower.


Right Halo Ring 

This LED ring indicates your speed and the Power Level you’re using. 

What is Power Level?

Your Power Level indicates how much support the motor assistance gives your ride. When you start to pedal, the motor assistance kicks in giving you extra power. The harder you pedal the more power your bike receives. You can choose a Power Level in the app or use the right secondary bike button.

Keep in mind that your choice of Power Level affects your battery consumption   





Bike Error

When you have a bike error, the Halo Rings on the left and right side will go red. 

To solve the problem you can reset your bike, or get more help here.



Bike buttons



(A) Bell button

Press to play your bike bell while riding. You can customize the sound in the VanMoof app.


(B) Secondary left button

Press to flash your front bike light, letting on-coming traffic know you’re there.


(C) Turbo Boost

Press to get instant acceleration while riding. You can hold it down for a constant power boost.


(D) Secondary right button

Change your Power Level from a low to a high level of support while riding. A short press of the button will move you up a Power Level.


You can also change the Power Level in the VanMoof App when your phone is connected to your bike.


(E) Power button

Press to wake up, put into Sleep mode, and reset your bike.



Quick bike button actions


(1) Unlock

For touch unlock 

Short press the bell button or Turbo Boost.

To enter your unlock code 

Long press the bell button or Turbo Boost.


(2) Sleep 

Long press the bell button or Turbo Boost when the bike is unlocked.


(3) Wake up

Press any button when the bike is unlocked.


(4) Reset bike

Long press the power button for 10 seconds to reset your bike.

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