Gears on your S5 & A5

Your bike uses a 3-gear E-Shifter to automatically shift gears at pre-set moments. Simply choose a gear setting that suits your typical ride or pedal speed.

Gear settings


Your bike’s default setting. Recommended when you ride in areas with minimal incline.


Recommended if you ride in an area with lots of ups and downs, or when you like a higher pedaling speed.


Fancy something else? Try out the custom setting and take full control of all the shifting moments. You can select the speed at which you want to shift up and the speed at which you want to shift down. While riding, the shift might happen at a different speed as the bike only shifts when you're not putting a lot of force on the pedals.

Calibrate gears

If you're stuck in one gear, or have other issues with your E-shifter, you can try to calibrate your gears. Gear calibration adjusts the position of the shifter to ensure that the gears shift smoothly and accurately. 

  1. Open the VanMoof App and make sure you're connected to your bike.
  2. Go to your bike's settings.
  3. Tap on the info icon next to the 'Gear shifting' section
  4. On the bottom of the page you can find the 'Calibrate gears' option.
  5. Before you start calibration, make sure you stay connected to your bike, don't charge your bike, and the bike is unlocked and on.
  6. The calibration will take about 5 seconds. Do not ride your bike or have anything putting pressure pressure on your pedals during this time.
  7. Try to calibrate multiple times if it doesn't work immediately.

Next to calibrating your gears manually, the bike will sometimes perform a calibration automatically when it's connected to the charger and charged to 100%.

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