Locking and unlocking your S5 & A5

Locking your bike

Here’s how easy it is to lock your bike:

  • Align the stripes: Make sure a white stripe on the chain guard is aligned with one of the stripes on the rear hub.
  • Gently kick the Kicklock: Time to gently kick the button on the left side with your shoe, this locks your back wheel and activates your bike alarm.
  • Lock sound: You’ll bike will make a noise confirming it's in sleep mode and locked.

Good to know: You can easily find where you parked your bike if you were connected to your phone during your ride. Simply go to the VanMoof app and find it on the map.


Unlocking your bike

There are 3 ways to unlock your bike. Whichever way you do it, you’ll hear an unlocking noise that confirms your bike is unlocked.


Option 1: Using your phone

  • Once your bike is connected to your phone, go to the VanMoof app home screen and tap on the lock icon.

Option 2:  Using Touch Unlock

  • Make sure ‘Touch Unlock’ is turned on in the VanMoof App.
  • Stand close to your bike with your phone connected.
  • Press the bell or boost button to instantly unlock.

Option 3: Using your backup unlock code

  • When your bike isn’t connected to your phone, press the bell or boost button until you hear a confirmation sound.
  • Enter the 3-digit unlock code that you set up during registration. You do this by pressing the bell or boost button to enter your code. Once you’ve entered a digit, you must pause before entering your next digit.
  • For example if your code is 1-2-1. Press the button once, pause, then press the button two more times, pause, and press it one last time. 
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