VanMoof S5 & A5 release notes

In this document you can find an overview of all the firmware updates released for the VanMoof S5 & A5 bikes.

To find out how to update your bike refer to the 'How to update your VanMoof's firmware' article.

Latest release

1.5 - 8 February 2024

We’re ready to keep on riding! This update fixes some things that went sideways in the previous version:

  • Improved connection: The Bluetooth connection should be more stable again. Previously, the bike would disconnect with the app after a while. If you have trouble updating your bike, reset your bike first by holding the power button below the top tube.
  • Light flash bell: The second left button should flash the lights again, as it should. Just make sure you’ve set the handlebar controls to the light bell.

Previous releases


We can’t fix everything that’s going on, but we’ve still got some nice improvements (even if we say so ourselves). So here goes:

  • Kick-unlock: Instead of using Touch Unlock with the buttons, kick the Kick Lock to unlock your bike.
  • Improved connection: We spent some extra time to make the Bluetooth connection more stable, and we fixed two major issues.

Fixed bugs, thanks to your feedback:

  • Alarm sensitivity: The alarm was a bit enthusiastic when unlocking the bike with the unlock code, now you can enter the unlock code at rest.
  • The version number is just a number again, no more ‘main’ text to confuse you.

New features coming with a next app update:

  • Deceleration light: When you hit the brakes, the rear light will show this to traffic coming from behind.
  • Turning indicators: If you’re making a turn, you can trigger a left or right light indication.
  • Improved Halo speed indicator: You can choose to show motor power instead of speed.

Take care of each other. Ride on.


This update contains some minor improvements to the e-shifter. Happy riding!


In this update we’re addressing the feedback we received from you about the battery consumption when not using the bike. Now the bike should retain more battery when it’s sleeping.

We’ve also implemented some improvements, bug fixes and we’ve included a small easter egg. Keep your eyes peeled!


In this update we’re addressing the feedback we received from you about the battery consumption when not using the bike. Now the bike should retain more battery when it’s sleeping.

We’ve also implemented some improvements and bug fixes.


We keep improving your ride, in this release you will find:

  • Update to the battery
  • Preparations to make firmware updates faster in the future
  • Bug fixes

Happy riding!


Ready to update your ride for spring? We’ve improved a couple of things for a fresh ride:

  • The brightness of the Halo Ring now responds to the ambient light.
  • In the last update we overreported the speed of the bike, we corrected this. No worries — the bike’s still going as fast as before but the app shows the correct speed.
  • Fixed those pesky bugs


Make your ride better than ever with these new updates:

  • If you’ve experienced connectivity issues, these should be solved now.
  • Riding should feel a tad more intuitive, as we’ve tweaked how the power levels work.
  • If you’re riding in the US, we made the motor a bit more powerful for you.
  • Heavy Duty rear carriers are now supported.
  • Sometimes the lock didn’t want to unlock because it was stuck. Now the lock will let you know when this happens, so you can move the bike and get it unstuck.
  • The sounds & animations during updating are fine-tuned.
  • Before, the alarm could be very eager, and keep playing while you’re unlocking the bike. Not anymore.
  • When your battery runs empty, we made sure it can still be charged properly.

1.1.8 / 1.1.10

In this update we’ve made improvements based on rider feedback. These include:

  • Updating the calibration of the bike’s motion sensor, to make sure the bike alarm is triggered after being locked.
  • Increased Bluetooth stability to improve connected features
  • Improved battery and charging behaviour
  • Small firmware bugs


In this update we’ve made improvements to the riding behaviour and the user experience:

  • Charging & battery issues resolved
  • Improved Touch unlock
  • Light sensor is better configured
  • Charging your phone sound


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