S5 Rear Rack

Compatible with the VanMoof S5. 

Please read this guide carefully. 


S5 rack overview.png


In the box 


rack tools.png


1 Hex Head Screws (12 mm / 2x

2 Washers (2x)

3 Socket head screws (16 mm / x2

4 Allen key No.4 

5 Wrench (8 mm)



S5 rack 1 2.png

1) Position the rack over the rear wheel. Loosely screw the two hex head screws and washers with you hands to hold the rack in place. 

2) Make sure that the rack stays (A) are positioned on the inside of the rear dropouts (B). Tighten the two socket head screws using Allen key No. 4. 


S5 rack 3.png


3) Fully tighten the two hex screws using the wrench. 


S5 rack 4.png

4) Tighten the rack stay screws using Allen key No. 4. 


info dark.png Make sure all screws are tightened properly. The recommended torque is 4Nm. 

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